It’s the Fizz

The recent influx of flavored fizzy water on the market has inspired something of a competition in my house to find the best one. I wanted to get technical and create a scoring grid to scientifically compare them (may still do), but I just have to share about this. Now, I wasn’t a huge soda … Continue reading It’s the Fizz

All the Tea

Afternoon tea. Quite possibly, the most perfect collection of savory and sweet finger foods, lovingly paired with hot tea (and now, bubbly!). I took a trip across the pond and all I have to show for it are all these tea towels! I would believe that England is now sadly bereft of tea towels, as … Continue reading All the Tea

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream!

It’s the weekend! It’s going to be a hot one where I am and I can’t wait to dig into this rich, chocolate ice cream. One thing I’ve learned about cooking without sugar, is that the recipes aren’t always a straight adaptation of replacing the sugar with a low carb sweetener. Sugar behaves a certain … Continue reading Keto Chocolate Ice Cream!